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We are committed to providing support for the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, in line with Google's policy on supporting modern browsers. In addition to this benchmark, we're also committed to supporting Opera on the same basis.

The reason for adopting this policy is simple: we aim to build and support a Dealer Management System which works efficiently and effectively for our customers. To achieve this, we use a variety of modern technologies including jQuery and AJAX. Older versions of these browsers either do not support these features, or are buggy and inconsistent in their support for these features.

We understand and respect that some customers are using older hardware, and may have to use older versions of browsers for other applications. However, it is possible to run multiple different browsers on a computer, and all the browsers we support are free to download and use. In order to develop DNA within a reasonable timeframe, and to continue to develop great new features for our customers, we have taken the decision to stand alongside Google with this policy.

Consider downloading a different browser than the one you are currently using - you may have other systems / applications / websites that depend on you using your current browser for them to function correctly. You can install multiple different browsers without any issues but you cannot install multiple versions of the same browser!

Please see below a list of websites where you can download the latest version of these free Javascript-enabled browsers:

Browser Name Download Link AACars DNA Support
Google Chrome Google Chrome * Recommended www.google.com/chrome
Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Firefox www.mozilla.com/firefox
Opera Opera www.opera.com

Other browsers are available, for a more comprehensive list you can search for 'download browser' using Google Search.

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